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In 2011, the Wallowa County ESD facilitated the creation of a 'Data Team' in our region. Documenting the Data Team process, Wallowa County ESD created short training videos for each participating district.

TechCropWhen remote, rural communities are in need of skilled IT workers, and students are in need of dual-credit vocational opportunities, why not cultivate your own IT CROP?

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BugsEastern Oregon STEM Learning Environments partnership allows students in grades 3-8 to experience a new kind of curriculum that connects science, technology, engineering, and math to the natural world and its resources. It also makes STEM education relevant for teachers and students in eastern Oregon within the communities they live and work.WaterWheel

A series of workshops, beginning Fall 2012, shows teachers how to implement hands-on study units in their classrooms. In turn, the student's grasp of the STEM subjects provides a stepping stone for professional development in regards to STEM-oriented professions.

Here's the link to the Moodle Course.

Dr. Kevin Feldman is the Director of Reading and Intervention with the Sonoma County Office of Education and is an independent educational consultant. In the Spring and Summer of 2012, Wallowa County Schools banded together to participate in two workshops on topics from Literate Engagement to Vocabulary and Academic Language.

Resources from these workshops are available on a Moodle Course here.